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What is Service Design Drinks?

Service Design Drinks is a global initiative! We at KISD are now hosting them in Cologne. We promote the field of Service Design through interesting and relevant content and by creating new connections.
Outstanding professionals working in the field of Service Design are giving insights into their expertise through lectures and workshops.
After that, we get together to discuss and connect while having some Drinks.
Anyone is welcome to join. No matter if you already are a Service Designer or just looking for a new way to widen your horizon.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

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Trials and Tribulations


Trials and Tribulations

Navigating challenges in the Service Design process

Want to be a supportive partner for public organizations, city administrations, and ministries, as well as in collaborations with leading companies? We’ll showcase and discuss how we can manage the challenges when jumping into this process and providing support in specific phases, such as Prepare, Ideate, or Test. In this cozy and inspirational roundtable, we’ll share our experiences, ideas and visions with each other.

Marcel Befort
Marcel graduated at KISD in Design Management in 2006 before working in Strategic Brand Management for the BMW Group and as assistant professor and researcher in the field of Design Strategy at Wuppertal University. In 2012, he founded Sensity together with Guido Wolff. Marcel supports companies by implementing design and innovation processes in their organizations.

Lisa Hunger

Lisa completed her Bachelor’s degree at KISD in 2019 with a focus on Service Design. She has been working as a researcher at Sensity since 2019, specializing in user tests and workshops. She is also currently a Master’s student in the Public and Social Innovation cluster at KISD.

Sensity Office
Bismarckstraße 30
50672 Köln

The talk starts at 18:00 h.

How to join

How to join the events?

Glad you’re asking! Just get in touch with us using the contact form below.
We will get back to you with all the details on how to attend!

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